Themistokleous & Deligianni 46, 27 131 Pyrgos
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Pyrgos is the capital of the Prefecture of Ilias with a population of about 35,000 residents. It is located in the western Peloponnese.

Κεντρική πλατεία ΠύργουMany are the attraction of Pyrgos, mostly buildings influenced from the neoclassical period. The central square which its many café and restaurants. The Latsio Town Hall, the Municipal Market and Municipal Theatre “Apollo” which were designed by the famous German architect Erust Moritz Ziller. The city Art Gallery and the Public Library also worth a visit. Many Churches and monasteries leave their mark in this historic area.

Κεντρική πλατεία ΠύργουThe city of Pyrgos can be the visitor’s basis to hear by destinations, with a prominent position in the ancient and modern Greek history, with monuments of enormous cultural and national value. Ancient Olympia is the most important of them since it is the birthplace (and the altar) of the Olympic Games.
Just a few km away fron Pyrgos the visitor can visit the Monastery of Zoodohou Pigis (9 km) and Panagia Kremasti (11 km) which depict an intense religious interest.

ΚατάκολοYou can also visit Epitalio (7 km from Pyrgos) where rescued parts of buildings of the Settlers of Hellenistic and Roman times are found. Just a little bit farther away (17 km) the ruins of the ancient City of Oleni from the Mycenean are found.

ΠαραλίαThe beaches of Ilia extend for hundreds of miles from the borders with the Prefecture of Achaias to the borders with the Prefecture of Messinia numerous options are offerd for summer getaways. Quiet taverns and less quiet seaside bars will keep you entertained giving you the offer to enjoy the Greek nights. If you need to relax and enjoy the summer sun there are many rugged and unexplored beaches to take your mind of any trouble.

Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο ΠύργουThe most well-known and organized beacher are in kourouta (20 km from Pyrgos) which is the second largest city of the country of Amaliada and Agios Andreas (15 km from Pyrgos) which is less organized but it is best known for the clear water and its magnificent sunset. Another choice can be Kaiafas (30 km from Pyrgos) which is known for its sandy beaches.

Elis possesses a rare treasure of monuments that record the important history and the architectural tradition of the area.  These important centres of Orthodox Christianity that are scattered in the plain and the mountains of this land helped to preserve, in spite of Latin and Turkish occupations, Greek tradition, education and faith.

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